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I understand I will accept the goods and pay for them in accordance with the terms of sale.

I understand I am soley responsible for all building and / or safety codes in the installation of my yurt on my residential /commercial property.

I understand that I'm soley responsible for the assembly of the yurt, provision of flooring and other work / cost related to installation of the yurt.

I understand that YURTS AUSTRALIA reserve the right to change , discontinue or substitute materials.

I understand I'm soley responsible for picking up the yurt from the nearest port designated port of choice, if not paid and arranged otherwise.

I understand that I am holding harmless, indemnifying and releasing YURTS AUSTRALIA from all and any liadility accidents and incidents that may occur from all and any use of the YURTS AUSTRALIA yurt.

I hereby agree to order the YURTS AUSTRALIA yurt at cost stated and I have read and agreed to the terms and sales above.



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